Business Solutions – RAS Data Services’ insight, technology and expertise provides solutions to complex rail fleet management issues.

RAS Data Services, Inc. (RAS) has provided high quality and cost efficient railcar management services to shippers, leasing companies, and short line railroads for over 25 years. During this time, we have continually updated and enhanced our information and technical services in order to meet our clients’ individual and ever changing requirements.

The visionaries at RAS have held high level positions with companies associated with every aspect of railcar maintenance and railcar construction, from both the user and supplier perspective. These professionals are a critical component of the company’s profile. When combined with the leading edge technology deployed at RAS, the knowledge base specific to railcar management is unsurpassed in the industry. The challenges faced on a daily basis are effectively managed because of the resident expertise and systems that RAS can leverage. These resources are dedicated 100% toward providing the effective and productive knowledge-based network needed to effectively provide short and long term solutions to rail fleet ownership issues.

RAS expertise and market acumen is an additional input stream that RAS leverages to ensure the current industry environment is recognized and considered as part of the decision process. Because of the continual contact RAS must retain to service a robust and diverse client base, comprehensive knowledge and awareness of the railcar management environment is a core competency.