AAR Car Repair Receivables Billing & Auditing

RAS will have access to a selected CRB system. Prior to producing monthly car repair bills and submitting the corresponding data to Railinc, RAS will “pre-audit” the billing records to verify that all data is in accordance with applicable AAR car repair billing rules, has been priced correctly using the proper version of the AAR Price Master, and that repairs have been performed in accordance with AAR Rules of Interchange. Errors will be researched and corrected, then subsequently documented in a periodic report provided for further handling with the appropriate repair facility and for training purposes.  Repair bills containing errors that cannot be resolved in time for the monthly Railinc cut-off will be held in suspense to be reconciled in the following account month.  RAS will maintain a goal to keep the items in suspense to a minimum.

RAS will upload the 500 byte file which corresponds to the final audited and reconciled car repair records.  Submission errors will be reconciled and resubmitted prior to the Railinc cut-off date.

RAS will produce invoice cover sheets and forward to respective car owners via electronic means.  Monthly invoice activity will be reported using key fields such as billed road, invoice number, and labor and material charges by SPLC.  Remittances for invoices may be paid by car owners directly to RAS on a monthly basis, or may be paid directly to the client. 

Invoice cover sheets and FindUs.Rail contact records will indicate that RAS is the contact for exceptions to billing.  Exceptions received by RAS will be logged in and researched to a logical conclusion.  RAS will issue Counter Billing Authorities as necessary up to an amount pre-determined by the client.  CBAs that exceed that amount will require individual permission from the client to be issued. Exception activity will be documented in a periodic report provided for further handling with the appropriate repair facility and for training purposes.

Special Handling

  • AAR Rule 85: RAS will reconcile outbound billing to the car owner with inbound invoices containing detail source code MA (Job Code 5999) for material to produce a net $0.00 transaction.
  • AAR Rule 92: RAS will complete billing for Load Adjustments billed to a third party based on Load Adjustment Authority.
  • AAR Rule 99: RAS will bill authorized industry damage to proper contact and provide corresponding no bill to the car owner.