Consulting Services

Consulting Services

RAS will make inspection visits to contract shops to verify that standards and procedures are being followed and to audit the facility for quality, safety, and accuracy of estimating, pricing, and invoicing.

RAS will be available to attend on-site meetings at plants, railroads, and other locations to assist with global process improvements and/or specific issues relating to railcar maintenance.

RAS has an in-house IT department that is available to assist in the integration of clients’ systems with our services. RAS is also available to aid in the creation of unique development projects as needed.

Other consulting services include:

  • Acquisition and specifications for new railcars.
  • Inspection services for new railcars.
  • Represent car owner or lessee in negotiations regarding return of equipment.
  • Technical Support:
    • AAR Interchange Rules
    • AAR Car Repair Billing Data Exchange
    • Railcar Construction & Maintenance